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The documentation on the Power Automate site is really quite good. You can access Power Automate documentation using our button below, or from the Power Automate home page (after logging in) by clicking on Learn in the left navigation menu, or click on the ? next to your name in the upper right corner of the page.

Power Automate documentation is organized by category, such as Creating flows using Power Automate, RPA using UI Flows, and Support and licensing. It’s continually being updated along with changes to the platform.

Find documentation about each connector by going to Connectors from the Power Automate home page menu, selecting the connector you’re interested in, and click See documentation. This takes you to the appropriate page within the Connectors documentation, where you can learn about the triggers, actions, and definitions related to that connector. In addition, you’ll find where that connector is available, and any limitations. For example, see the SharePoint connector documentation.

You can also access documentation in context when creating a flow in the Power Automate designer. To learn about an action, click on the info icon and Learn more. This will take you to the same Connector documentation, but directly to the section about that action. You’ll see what its parameters are, and what gets returned.

Another bit of documentation which is somewhat less obvious, but which is very useful, is this reference page on functions used in Power Automate expressions. Functions are grouped by type (see below), as they are within the Power Automate expression builder. This reference lists parameters and results for each function, as well as examples of their use.

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