Microsoft SharePoint Coaching

Our Microsoft SharePoint coaching will help you to structure, design and build SharePoint sites and pages that serve your business requirements. We help with design, development, security planning, and adoption.

Session 1 : Assessment of your needs

Within this 30 minute free call, we’ll listen to your needs and the needs of your organization in relation to Microsoft SharePoint. Following this initial call, we’ll be able to tailor a coaching plan to help you to successfully implement Microsoft SharePoint for your organization or teams requirements.


Session 2 : Getting Started

This session will be customized to your requirements based upon your needs and your organization’s needs, along with the skillset and experience of your users. Relevant electronic guides and coaching will ensure that you have a solid plan on the next steps to implement Microsoft SharePoint with successful adoption.


Session 3 : Gaining Traction

Within this session, we’ll guide you through the initial actions for delivering Microsoft SharePoint to your organization or teams ensuring that we address training needs, the implementation plan, and know how to overcome any challenges.


Session 4 : Staying on Track

As the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint progresses, we’ll review the actions that we have taken so far, and ensure that the project is staying on track to achieve the goals of the business in relation to Microsoft SharePoint.


Session 5 : Successful Adoption

Together, we will ensure that you have a successful implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, and that users are adopting the product as per your plan. We’ll implement a plan for you to continually measure the adoption and review the any next steps that may be required.


Brett Lonsdale (Office Apps and Services MVP)

Microsoft Teams Coach

Brett Lonsdale is a Microsoft Office and Services MVP, and founder of Lightning Tools and NLightning. Brett has specialised in Microsoft SharePoint since 2003, and has worked daily with Microsoft Teams since its creation.