Power Automate Coaching

Our Power Automate coaching will guide you to build the solution that your business needs. We’ll begin with a free needs assessment that allows us to understand your current Power Automate skills, and gain an understanding of the solution that your business needs. We’ll then get started on an agreed schedule, and deliver education, guidance, and advice for you to build the solution that you desire, and that you can be proud of.

Session 1 : Assessment of your needs

During this free call, we’ll learn about the process you want to automate and your level of experience with Power Automate. Following this session, we will be able to propose a plan to guide you through to successfully automating your process.

30 min.

Session 2 : Process design

A successful implementation of process automation begins with clarifying the logic and outcomes. Together with our coach, you’ll think through the steps required to meet your current business need. 

1-2 hrs

Session 3 : Automation basics

Based on your needs and process logic, we’ll provide written guides and customized one-on-one coaching to ensure you have a good foundation in the Power Automate concepts you’ll need to use.

1-2 hrs

Session 4 : Taking action

Using the design and fundamental knowledge from prior sessions,  you’ll be able to successfully build your Power Automate flow with help from our guides and coaches.

1-3 hrs

Session 5 : Final steps

After successful testing of your flow, we’ll guide you through further activities such as documenting and sharing the process.

1-2 hrs

Sandy Ussia (Business Apps MVP)

Power Automate Coach

Sandy Ussia is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Technical Evangelist at Lightning Tools, and co-founder of NLightning. Sandy has been helping people learn to use Power Automate since it was released in 2016. She co-hosts the Flow Pro Show, a monthly webcast about Power Automate.