Power BI Coaching

Our Power BI coaching will guide you to build the solution that your business needs. We’ll begin with a free needs assessment that allows us to understand your current Power BI skills, and gain an understanding of the solution that your business needs. We’ll then get started on an agreed schedule, and deliver education, guidance, and advice for you to build the solution that you desire, and that you can be proud of.

Session 1 : Assessment of your needs

During this free call, we’ll understand your vision of what you want to achieve with Power BI, your skillset, and the structure of the data that you will be working with. Following this session, we will be able to propose a plan to guide you through to a successful implementation of Power BI with the reports and visuals that serve your organization.

30 min.

Session 2 : Understanding your data

During this session, we’ll ensure that you have the guidance required to understand the structure of your data, and how to connect to and model the data in a  way that will serve your ongoing needs.


Session 3 : Improving your skillset

During this session, we’ll focus on your skillset to ensure that you have the right guidance and learning material to understand Power BI and have the ability to buid the visuals, reports and dashboards required by your organization.


Session 4 : Getting feedback and adoption

During this session, we’ll ensure that we have fully addressed the needs of your organization, and ensure that everything is ready prior to publishing the reports to your user base.


Session 5 : Review

During this session, we’ll review the success of the implementation and ensure that users are able to get the best use from the Power BI implementation.


Brett Lonsdale (Office Apps and Services MVP)

Power BI Coach

Brett Lonsdale is a Microsoft MVP in Office Apps and Services and Founder of Lightning Tools and NLightning. Since 1995, Brett Lonsdale has been working with Business Data to produce reports and dashboards for businesses across different platforms. Understanding the structure of the Business Data is critical for a successful Power BI implementation.